Monday, 11 May 2015

More contact please

I cant believe how much people actually care, i didnt realise.
I've been getting a lot of lashes about the posts on the blog.
People are asking me whats happening and to be honest I havent been doing much shoots 
mainly because of repititon of certain items and also because between work and the short days I dont get the time, which shouldn't be an excuse I  know, but hey it'happens.

I also know that some people are asking how to comment or follow the blog or my other platforms so here it goes:

To follow the blog you simply need to be logged in to the google+  if you already have a gmail account you can simply log with those credentials and then you're set! 

for any feedback you can mail me on

follow the blog posts for  updates on Facebook simply search: Recklessly Ritzy dont forget to like the page

On a more personal level you can follow the face behind the blog find me on Facebook as Refilwe (Ruth) Matotong

Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @sexifilwe 

on a lighter note let me share some funnies I found from my instagram feed

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

How reckless are you?

This one short outfit post says it all for me!
Cheeky skater dress and combat boots to the office! [inserts shocked face emoji]

okay okay before you picture that in the worst way possible, it was not that bad...
after putting on stockings and a faux leather moto jacket the look came together pretty decent.

This look is rather edgy, so it would be perfect for a cool autumn day out at the park or just about anywhere out and about.

There are only two pictures because i could only sneak in pictures just before band practice (excuse the quality)

Dress: Legit | Moto Jacket: Mr Price | Boots Rage