Monday, 28 September 2015

Full comeback!

Full skirt/Midi skirt/Vintage style, whatever you want to call it, as long as it's mine! I'd always been more of a pencil skirt kind of girl and I never went wrong until one day while I was scheming through my Instagram feed I saw another fashion blogger wearing a full skirt and it just looked amazing, now this was well about a year ago and I told myself that I would find a skirt similar to it, I started searching online in boutique stores and each time I found something it was just either too pricy or just didn't scream at me. 
I eventually stopped searching and just accepted that I'd probably never wear a full skirt. 
Being independent doesn't mean that I spend all my money on myself, I've got priorities, which mainly involves feeding, clothing and entertaining my niece and little brother and on occasions spoiling my mum, but I do have this philosophy that once a month I do something extra special for myself, whether it's to buy a new perfume, bag or treat myself in an expensive restaurant, i just do something that no one else could do for me at that time. Last month I did extra shopping for my vacation, from new luggage to new pajamas! Even my travel buddy was shocked. So this month I spent more than I ever would on two skirts, not because  I just wanted to spoil myself, but because I fell in love with both skirts and they were both screaming "take me home" 
I always say you know an item is for you when you already know how you'd style it even before you try it on, that's exactly how I felt about both skirts. 

Today I've Styled the white, Cher/Cuba printed skirt in a clean and simple way! 
With a plain white tee and a white sandal here have a look 

Skirt: Touch of bling @FashionKraal | shoes: (old) Legit X Lalla 

Next I'll be showing you how I styled the other fave. Keep it locked. Stay stylish

Monday, 11 May 2015

More contact please

I cant believe how much people actually care, i didnt realise.
I've been getting a lot of lashes about the posts on the blog.
People are asking me whats happening and to be honest I havent been doing much shoots 
mainly because of repititon of certain items and also because between work and the short days I dont get the time, which shouldn't be an excuse I  know, but hey it'happens.

I also know that some people are asking how to comment or follow the blog or my other platforms so here it goes:

To follow the blog you simply need to be logged in to the google+  if you already have a gmail account you can simply log with those credentials and then you're set! 

for any feedback you can mail me on

follow the blog posts for  updates on Facebook simply search: Recklessly Ritzy dont forget to like the page

On a more personal level you can follow the face behind the blog find me on Facebook as Refilwe (Ruth) Matotong

Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @sexifilwe 

on a lighter note let me share some funnies I found from my instagram feed

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

How reckless are you?

This one short outfit post says it all for me!
Cheeky skater dress and combat boots to the office! [inserts shocked face emoji]

okay okay before you picture that in the worst way possible, it was not that bad...
after putting on stockings and a faux leather moto jacket the look came together pretty decent.

This look is rather edgy, so it would be perfect for a cool autumn day out at the park or just about anywhere out and about.

There are only two pictures because i could only sneak in pictures just before band practice (excuse the quality)

Dress: Legit | Moto Jacket: Mr Price | Boots Rage 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Music Monday/ Destiny's celebration

After the music filled weekend I had, I couldn’t wait to do this post, 
Remember how two weeks ago I did a Music Monday post based on the Chris Brown Concert I attended... if you don't remember have a look here
Well this week it's quite ot similar, although it's a lot closer to home (pun intended)

I not only attended another music concert over the past weekend, but our church Destiny Ministries hosted it! And believe it or not, I was more hyped about it than any other concert.

The concert formed part of our three night conference our church hosted; we were celebrating 14 amazing years of ministry! and I've been with the church, for about 10 years and I must say it has been a fantastic 10 years, I started out attending the Sunday School, then I joined the Praise Worship team as the youngest choir member, until I was old enough to attend youth and several years later being co-youth leader! It has been a crazy journey and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!
Anyway that’s a post for another day

The weekend’s celebration was the reason why I haven’t done a post since last Wednesday because I had been putting in church most of the rehearsing with the Praise and Worship team.

After late nights we kicked off the first evening service Friday, amped up praise and worship from Destiny Praise team, and a Powerful sermon by Pastor Paul Pillay all the way from Chatsworth in KZN had all those that were present anxious for the next meeting, although a lot of people stayed away probably because Friday was quite a chilly evening and maybe because word had not spread that there was something huge erupting at Destiny. 
Pastor Pillay shared a word from the book of Genesis chapter 1, emphasising on laying a foundation that reminded us that when God created the Heavens and the Earth, he created everything that man would need before he created man and placed him on Earth, this message got me thinking that it is most certainly true that God does indeed always know what we need, because he created it already even before we were born. That is why we should never be doubtful of the blessings that we deserve.
If you are in the KZN area you can visit Nazareth Family Church in Chatsworth

Now before the sermon, we were blessed by another Worship team of young people,
The musical talent was absolutely astounding, from the fantastic vocal acrobatics to the energy they had when they danced, it was just electric! 
I don’t have much information on them, but you can probably check out their Facebook group 
Simply search New Experience

The second evening of the conference, was probably the most anticipated because it was a music concert, the overcast evening saw a huge turnout of a wide variety of audience members a lot more people even crowded at the entrance to try and get tickets at the door even though the tickets were pre-sold, luckily they were not turned back, they managed to get inside even if it meant standing.
the Destiny P&W team (our amazing team) opened the evening with a few praise songs to warm up the crowd for the man of the evening Loyiso Bala!
I  was so excited because not only am I a fan I had also seen Loyiso perform at a gospel conference before so I already knew that he can most definitely usher in the holy spirit.
Just before Loyiso was called up, the crowd took a break to enjoy a few some boerewors rolls and snacks to get some energy for what was coming up. 
With a band consisting of a Keyboard player, bassist, drummer and one backup singer, Loyiso had the church dancing and praising God! What a move of the Holy Spirit 

The Sunday morning continued to be a blessing because who didnt get to catch Pastor Paul Pillay on Friday evening, got the chance to hear his amazing word on Sunday Morning. 

Sunday evening, sadly the closing even evening saw new faces being ushered into the church, probably because word had spread that it was going down at Destiny.
The theme of the conference for the 14 years was "Year of Supernatural Increase"
That's exactly what Pastor Jerome Campher brought out when he talked about the parable in the book of John 5:1
The captivating word had me at the edge of my seat as the piercing word came from the mouth of the pastor from Cape Town.
A change definitely took place, increase an elavation took place.
Just before the word we were blessed by with a song item from the beautiful and talented Sasha-Lee Davids ( co-winner of Idols SA season)
her rendtion of one of my favourite  songs (Agnus Dei) was heavenly 
Below are just a few pics of the evening I took on my cellphone.
You'll see the praise and worship team, The CIA (Destiny youth) Loyiso on stage and our pastor Shaun Mannie.


Music Monday

Song of the week

Remember the first time a did a music Monday based on the Chris Brown concert that I attended.
Well it's on fitting that the song of this week be one from the artist of the weekend.

"I used to think life was all about playing church
i'd say a prayer that's enough till next Sunday"

There's no denying that most of us have been there or maybe we know someone close to us who has the same mentality. 
This song talks about how we have a routine of things and no hunger for God, despiste the catchy tune, this song has a lot of motivation behind it, the chorus lets us know that God is always up to something good, we just need to let him work in us.


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

On Wednesdays we wear pink!

...and black
Black on black with a pop of pink!
one of my favorite combos, you can basically glamour up an all black outfit with this combo.
You can either go for a pink lip or pink bag or pink just works
You could even do this this with a print, my favourite being  leopard print, and just last week  I did a pop of aztec print here

Now I know it's pretty basic because, but trust me, it looks good.
Try not to over accessorize your outfit especially for work, because you'll end up looking like a melting ice cream cone with colourful sprinkles everywhere.
For this look II didn't add a neck pice because I wanted to keep it simple, the shirt is cut low, a choker necklace inside would have have been perfect, but for a night out, not for the office.

You've probably noticed that I like pointed toe shoes, this is because they're the most corporate looking, the rounded ones also look corporate, but they tend to be uncomfortable, I always stay away from platformed shoes because I'm tall enough already.
These pink babies, are also quite comfortable and they look sharp, I just a pink lip and let my braids down to create a sleek look, I just loved it.
Pants: JayJays | Shirt: Trueworths | Shoes: Dineo Ranaka X Legit | Bag: Legit

Thank you for reading! 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Casually working

Oh you know, sometimes I'm at work, sometimes I'm not...
No, that's not what that title means, The title is actually about a long awaited outfit post about two casual items working together! genius right! 
My personal style is more edgy than anything, so when I have to do formal wear, it takes a lot of preparing to do, once again reffering to my blog name, I consider myself ritzy, meaning elegant, fashionable, lavish...but I'm particularly reckless in my ritz, I like to add edge and just about anything out of the ordinary.
Yes my work contract does not specify that I have to be formal, it just says something along the lines of  "smart" wear. In this post you see me taking skinny jeans and a casual chambray shirt to another level, an office ready look, all I did was put on a pair of nude court heels, button up the chambray shirt to the collar, tuck it in, added a little classic statement necklace and I pulled off smart!
Now don't risk this with denim skinny jeans because that's when you make the look more casual than anything, whether you put on some heels or not, so I chose this navy skinny pants, which is cut and fits like a jeans, but looks like a formal pants. Chambray shirts are great because they can be worn all year round, unbuttoned over a cute dress during Spring, tied around your waist over shorts during Summer, on its own buttoned up during Autum or layered up under a sweater during Winter, they're a real must have in every girls wardrobe.
Another thing you notice is my purse, I couldn't grab my bag in time for the pictures, but you see it in the last pic, it matches my outfit perfectly, even though I don't have a full picture of it, it will come soon. 
To make the look casual and a more street style, I would have put some converse sneakers, untucked my shirt on one side, and rolled up my sleeves further up, I could didn't get to take a pic, but you can probably imagine it.
Now for my pictures, I wish I had taken more, with more details, but here it goes!
Shirt: Mr Price | Jeans: Identity | Shoes: Mr Price | Necklace: Legit | Purse: Foshini  | Bag: Sissy Boy

Music Monday / Tunes on Tuesday

Music quote and simple photo

What better better way to break the silence than with music,
it's another  music monday done on a Tuesday (hence the title) because of load shedding, lol, this is not an excuse, it's a real reason, I was unable to post in time because my devices were off when load shedding struck, my apologies for the delay. and i must say, this hasnt been an easy post to do, mainly because I didnt know which song to choose, I know that the day is almost over to get you going through the day, but who said you only need the song for a Monday or the morning?,this could be your song of the week! I know, I'm pretty awesome like that.

It's true, I am a music junkie, and yes my tatste in music ranges from "dude you have to have to hear this to please don't judge me on this one"

It's actually funny because I had song in my heart all week right up until the momemt i had to do this post. needless to say, I took to my own medicine and I just let the music lead me, 

the song I've chosen is 

Music of my heart by Nicole.C Mullen

I went back to my feel good playlists and everytime I hear this song it always captivates me,
it's not just the melody, but the lyrical content and meaning is just absolutely beautiful.
A love song to God: that's what it is.

Here's the chorus: 
"Cause you're the music of my heart,
The melody within my soul
The song that holds me in the dark
The fire that warms me when i'm cold
the symphony that calms my fear
The lyric that I long to hear
The masterpiece, the work of art
complete before I start
The music of my heart''

Hope you get the chance to downlaod or stream the song somehow and give it a listen!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

The power suit

I wish this was a suit, but it sure looks like it so yes, power suit nailed!

This illusion of a suit is an absolutely easy task to pull off, mainly because of the colour, it's not difficult finding a black blazer to match black pants and yes black is most certainly my favourite colour, not because it makes me look thinner, (I do not wanna look any thinner) trust me. It's simply because it takes the amount of class in an outfit and notches it up a bit. 

Enough background info, let's talk about what happened with this look, you'd think the whole suit thing is what made my look, but it's actually this awesome Aztec print scarf. I've had it for about two years and I've styled it so many different ways I can’t get enough of it, (I should probably do a post about that) I tend to shy away from wearing prints, I always think they look amazing on other people, but I hardly buy them, so to make my looks more interesting, I always try to add something with some sort of print. Even if it's as huge as this scarf.  I try every day to exit my comfort zone without losing who I am.

The temperatures are dropping, layering season here we come!
I’m not exactly excited about this because I am not a lover of the colder months, because when the temperatures drop, so does my mood, that's when I just want to be dressed in sweats all day err day lol, It's quite ironic that I decided to start my blog at this time of the year. 

All black and a print is the perfect description for this look, the colours in the scarf just add the right amount of  playfulness to this look, no one wants to look dull and boring in just plain black unless of cause you're showing  some leg or something like that...which you don't really wanna do at work. Remember, keep it classy, never trashy. 

How perfect was this stool at our reception! It totally matched my scarf.
Thank goodness I shot this look at the actual office today! Anyway here's the rest of the look including a close up of my super comfy courts, I can walk in these all day. I didn't take pictures with my bag so I just grabbed my friends purse to make the look a little more professional. Please also excuse the lack of creativity with my braids, they're still too painful to style differently, so I rolled them up in loose bun once again. 

Thank you for reading! 
Keep the faith and stay blessed 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

That girl at the office

Who said you can't bring sass to the office, this one's for all those with a 9 to 5    
Just because you sit at your desk all day making someone else's life better doesn't mean that you can't look good doing it. 
With work wear, in fact any wear it's the basic concept of look good, feel good. 
When I'm slaying, the better mood I'm in, that simple!
For my long weekend recovery look, I just wanted to 'bring it' yes, I wanted to flaunt my tiny waist and long legs so the perfect thing was my favorite high-waisted pants, I found these pants from JayJays by chance, they're a perfect fit and also my favorite colour. It's okay to make a work outfit pop so because the rest of my outfit was basic black I wore this checked shirt from the kiddies sections at Ackermans (hides) it definitely does not look kiddies section when it's buttoned up to the top and topped off with a statement necklace! Boom! Outfit made. No actually my watch from Foshini is what made my look I always wear a watch because you always need to check the time when you're at work in order to get things done. A black pump to run around in makes the outfit more office friendly. And that's how I brought it!
I've finally gotten rid of the weave, so I had my hair braided in twists and up in a bun, and there you have it, the perfect look for being that girl at the office.
Now for the pics, I honestly wish I had taken more pics at the actual office, but I'm sorry I had work
to do

Monday, 6 April 2015

Staying loyal

Comfort is everything at concert. You're going to be on your feet, you're going to be around a huge crowd and probably out at night. This is why I chose this simple denim shorts, basic white tee, high-top converse sneakers, plaid shirt around my waist and a cross body messenger bag. Turns out I wasn't the only one who hacked Chris Browns style from the Loyal video outfit. 
I saw many girls and guys with a shirt around their waist and many girls with shorts, which was absolutely no mistake because I had no wardrobe failure and I felt like I was oozing of swagger. I didn't use much jewelry because I didn't want anything jumping around or falling off so I went for my  ErabyDjZinhle watch in a hot pink to brig out some vibrance and a simple small pendant chain for the v-neck of my Tee. On the night I wore a beanie so that I didn't have to worry about my hair being in place while I was jumping around, but you'll see in the pictures I also put on a baseball cap which also worked with the outfit. 
Shirt, shorts & Tee: Mr Price 
Sneakers: Converse
Beanie: JayJays
Bag: Sports Scene
Watch: ErabyDjZinhle

Music Monday / CBXTour

I've decided to theme Monday's on the blog as Music Monday. Not only will this help me to always have a post for the beginning of the week, it will also put a song in someone's heart for the day and you know what they say about music.

Now for the exciting part of this post. Last Thursday Johannesburg was turning up to my favorite artist, Chris Brown! And of course I had to be there, so let me take you through what the concert was like, to what should be worn on such a night out. 
The special guest artist or more like the only opening act was August Alsina. He came on the stage almost two hours before The main act, August famously serenaded the crowd with songs like kissing  on my tattoos and make home. The crowd blew up when he performed I luv this s**t
August got off the stage and left the crowd awkwardly standing around with  only background music while waiting for Chris Brown. After a 10 minute countdown timer at 9:50pm Chris hit the stage performing the album title track X. The rest  of the  1h :15 minutes  Chris  had the  crowd in all sorts of screaming , jumping  and dancing to his from  Forever to New Flame to  Take you down. 
Although he lip-synced most of the songs, his dancing sure made up for it. Two people in crowd also walked away with a baseball cap each that Breezy threw out during his performance.

Now for the song of the week it's only fitting that I use this song:

Chris Brown featuring  DJ Benny Benassi: Beautiful People 

This is undoubtedly one of my favorite jams by Breezy because this uptempo electro beat has Chris encouraging people to not let people bring them down, they should look deep inside themselves and know that they are beautiful. It's as simple as that. Enjoy! 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

The go-to favourite

High-waisted anything! Jeans or skirts they are always what I gravitate to when I've changed outfits more than three times. 
For this look I paired these amazing pants from the Nandi Ngoma X Legit range with with my favorite and only white shoes from the Lalla X Legit range to dress up my high-waisted pants. To sexify the look, I put on a denim shirt from Mr Price, yes it is a button up, but I didn't make use of the buttons, I just wrapped it around my waist and tucked it into my pants because I wanted to add the statement necklace that you see in the last two pictures. I put on my mirrored aviators, 
Grabbed my backpack and was ready to hit the road for an afternoon out with the girls. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Getting to know me

Ruth Refilwe is my name and I am Reckless in my Ritz #enoughsaid

There's not much to be said after that statement, except for; welcome to my blog and that is what I am, although I appear glamourous and elegant at most times, my style is usually thoughtless and quite free.

I've been a follower of blogs for far too long and now its time I share my side of the story.

Recklessly Ritzy  will bring you more than just fashion, I will share my love for God, books, music, travel, art, food and everything else in between.
Keep the faith and stay blessed❤️