Casually working

Oh you know, sometimes I'm at work, sometimes I'm not...
No, that's not what that title means, The title is actually about a long awaited outfit post about two casual items working together! genius right! 
My personal style is more edgy than anything, so when I have to do formal wear, it takes a lot of preparing to do, once again reffering to my blog name, I consider myself ritzy, meaning elegant, fashionable, lavish...but I'm particularly reckless in my ritz, I like to add edge and just about anything out of the ordinary.
Yes my work contract does not specify that I have to be formal, it just says something along the lines of  "smart" wear. In this post you see me taking skinny jeans and a casual chambray shirt to another level, an office ready look, all I did was put on a pair of nude court heels, button up the chambray shirt to the collar, tuck it in, added a little classic statement necklace and I pulled off smart!
Now don't risk this with denim skinny jeans because that's when you make the look more casual than anything, whether you put on some heels or not, so I chose this navy skinny pants, which is cut and fits like a jeans, but looks like a formal pants. Chambray shirts are great because they can be worn all year round, unbuttoned over a cute dress during Spring, tied around your waist over shorts during Summer, on its own buttoned up during Autum or layered up under a sweater during Winter, they're a real must have in every girls wardrobe.
Another thing you notice is my purse, I couldn't grab my bag in time for the pictures, but you see it in the last pic, it matches my outfit perfectly, even though I don't have a full picture of it, it will come soon. 
To make the look casual and a more street style, I would have put some converse sneakers, untucked my shirt on one side, and rolled up my sleeves further up, I could didn't get to take a pic, but you can probably imagine it.
Now for my pictures, I wish I had taken more, with more details, but here it goes!
Shirt: Mr Price | Jeans: Identity | Shoes: Mr Price | Necklace: Legit | Purse: Foshini  | Bag: Sissy Boy


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