The power suit

I wish this was a suit, but it sure looks like it so yes, power suit nailed!

This illusion of a suit is an absolutely easy task to pull off, mainly because of the colour, it's not difficult finding a black blazer to match black pants and yes black is most certainly my favourite colour, not because it makes me look thinner, (I do not wanna look any thinner) trust me. It's simply because it takes the amount of class in an outfit and notches it up a bit. 

Enough background info, let's talk about what happened with this look, you'd think the whole suit thing is what made my look, but it's actually this awesome Aztec print scarf. I've had it for about two years and I've styled it so many different ways I can’t get enough of it, (I should probably do a post about that) I tend to shy away from wearing prints, I always think they look amazing on other people, but I hardly buy them, so to make my looks more interesting, I always try to add something with some sort of print. Even if it's as huge as this scarf.  I try every day to exit my comfort zone without losing who I am.

The temperatures are dropping, layering season here we come!
I’m not exactly excited about this because I am not a lover of the colder months, because when the temperatures drop, so does my mood, that's when I just want to be dressed in sweats all day err day lol, It's quite ironic that I decided to start my blog at this time of the year. 

All black and a print is the perfect description for this look, the colours in the scarf just add the right amount of  playfulness to this look, no one wants to look dull and boring in just plain black unless of cause you're showing  some leg or something like that...which you don't really wanna do at work. Remember, keep it classy, never trashy. 

How perfect was this stool at our reception! It totally matched my scarf.
Thank goodness I shot this look at the actual office today! Anyway here's the rest of the look including a close up of my super comfy courts, I can walk in these all day. I didn't take pictures with my bag so I just grabbed my friends purse to make the look a little more professional. Please also excuse the lack of creativity with my braids, they're still too painful to style differently, so I rolled them up in loose bun once again. 

Thank you for reading! 
Keep the faith and stay blessed 


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