Music Monday / CBXTour

I've decided to theme Monday's on the blog as Music Monday. Not only will this help me to always have a post for the beginning of the week, it will also put a song in someone's heart for the day and you know what they say about music.

Now for the exciting part of this post. Last Thursday Johannesburg was turning up to my favorite artist, Chris Brown! And of course I had to be there, so let me take you through what the concert was like, to what should be worn on such a night out. 
The special guest artist or more like the only opening act was August Alsina. He came on the stage almost two hours before The main act, August famously serenaded the crowd with songs like kissing  on my tattoos and make home. The crowd blew up when he performed I luv this s**t
August got off the stage and left the crowd awkwardly standing around with  only background music while waiting for Chris Brown. After a 10 minute countdown timer at 9:50pm Chris hit the stage performing the album title track X. The rest  of the  1h :15 minutes  Chris  had the  crowd in all sorts of screaming , jumping  and dancing to his from  Forever to New Flame to  Take you down. 
Although he lip-synced most of the songs, his dancing sure made up for it. Two people in crowd also walked away with a baseball cap each that Breezy threw out during his performance.

Now for the song of the week it's only fitting that I use this song:

Chris Brown featuring  DJ Benny Benassi: Beautiful People 

This is undoubtedly one of my favorite jams by Breezy because this uptempo electro beat has Chris encouraging people to not let people bring them down, they should look deep inside themselves and know that they are beautiful. It's as simple as that. Enjoy! 


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