Music Monday/ Destiny's celebration

After the music filled weekend I had, I couldn’t wait to do this post, 
Remember how two weeks ago I did a Music Monday post based on the Chris Brown Concert I attended... if you don't remember have a look here
Well this week it's quite ot similar, although it's a lot closer to home (pun intended)

I not only attended another music concert over the past weekend, but our church Destiny Ministries hosted it! And believe it or not, I was more hyped about it than any other concert.

The concert formed part of our three night conference our church hosted; we were celebrating 14 amazing years of ministry! and I've been with the church, for about 10 years and I must say it has been a fantastic 10 years, I started out attending the Sunday School, then I joined the Praise Worship team as the youngest choir member, until I was old enough to attend youth and several years later being co-youth leader! It has been a crazy journey and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!
Anyway that’s a post for another day

The weekend’s celebration was the reason why I haven’t done a post since last Wednesday because I had been putting in church most of the rehearsing with the Praise and Worship team.

After late nights we kicked off the first evening service Friday, amped up praise and worship from Destiny Praise team, and a Powerful sermon by Pastor Paul Pillay all the way from Chatsworth in KZN had all those that were present anxious for the next meeting, although a lot of people stayed away probably because Friday was quite a chilly evening and maybe because word had not spread that there was something huge erupting at Destiny. 
Pastor Pillay shared a word from the book of Genesis chapter 1, emphasising on laying a foundation that reminded us that when God created the Heavens and the Earth, he created everything that man would need before he created man and placed him on Earth, this message got me thinking that it is most certainly true that God does indeed always know what we need, because he created it already even before we were born. That is why we should never be doubtful of the blessings that we deserve.
If you are in the KZN area you can visit Nazareth Family Church in Chatsworth

Now before the sermon, we were blessed by another Worship team of young people,
The musical talent was absolutely astounding, from the fantastic vocal acrobatics to the energy they had when they danced, it was just electric! 
I don’t have much information on them, but you can probably check out their Facebook group 
Simply search New Experience

The second evening of the conference, was probably the most anticipated because it was a music concert, the overcast evening saw a huge turnout of a wide variety of audience members a lot more people even crowded at the entrance to try and get tickets at the door even though the tickets were pre-sold, luckily they were not turned back, they managed to get inside even if it meant standing.
the Destiny P&W team (our amazing team) opened the evening with a few praise songs to warm up the crowd for the man of the evening Loyiso Bala!
I  was so excited because not only am I a fan I had also seen Loyiso perform at a gospel conference before so I already knew that he can most definitely usher in the holy spirit.
Just before Loyiso was called up, the crowd took a break to enjoy a few some boerewors rolls and snacks to get some energy for what was coming up. 
With a band consisting of a Keyboard player, bassist, drummer and one backup singer, Loyiso had the church dancing and praising God! What a move of the Holy Spirit 

The Sunday morning continued to be a blessing because who didnt get to catch Pastor Paul Pillay on Friday evening, got the chance to hear his amazing word on Sunday Morning. 

Sunday evening, sadly the closing even evening saw new faces being ushered into the church, probably because word had spread that it was going down at Destiny.
The theme of the conference for the 14 years was "Year of Supernatural Increase"
That's exactly what Pastor Jerome Campher brought out when he talked about the parable in the book of John 5:1
The captivating word had me at the edge of my seat as the piercing word came from the mouth of the pastor from Cape Town.
A change definitely took place, increase an elavation took place.
Just before the word we were blessed by with a song item from the beautiful and talented Sasha-Lee Davids ( co-winner of Idols SA season)
her rendtion of one of my favourite  songs (Agnus Dei) was heavenly 
Below are just a few pics of the evening I took on my cellphone.
You'll see the praise and worship team, The CIA (Destiny youth) Loyiso on stage and our pastor Shaun Mannie.



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