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What better better way to break the silence than with music,
it's another  music monday done on a Tuesday (hence the title) because of load shedding, lol, this is not an excuse, it's a real reason, I was unable to post in time because my devices were off when load shedding struck, my apologies for the delay. and i must say, this hasnt been an easy post to do, mainly because I didnt know which song to choose, I know that the day is almost over to get you going through the day, but who said you only need the song for a Monday or the morning?,this could be your song of the week! I know, I'm pretty awesome like that.

It's true, I am a music junkie, and yes my tatste in music ranges from "dude you have to have to hear this to please don't judge me on this one"

It's actually funny because I had song in my heart all week right up until the momemt i had to do this post. needless to say, I took to my own medicine and I just let the music lead me, 

the song I've chosen is 

Music of my heart by Nicole.C Mullen

I went back to my feel good playlists and everytime I hear this song it always captivates me,
it's not just the melody, but the lyrical content and meaning is just absolutely beautiful.
A love song to God: that's what it is.

Here's the chorus: 
"Cause you're the music of my heart,
The melody within my soul
The song that holds me in the dark
The fire that warms me when i'm cold
the symphony that calms my fear
The lyric that I long to hear
The masterpiece, the work of art
complete before I start
The music of my heart''

Hope you get the chance to downlaod or stream the song somehow and give it a listen!


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