That girl at the office

Who said you can't bring sass to the office, this one's for all those with a 9 to 5    
Just because you sit at your desk all day making someone else's life better doesn't mean that you can't look good doing it. 
With work wear, in fact any wear it's the basic concept of look good, feel good. 
When I'm slaying, the better mood I'm in, that simple!
For my long weekend recovery look, I just wanted to 'bring it' yes, I wanted to flaunt my tiny waist and long legs so the perfect thing was my favorite high-waisted pants, I found these pants from JayJays by chance, they're a perfect fit and also my favorite colour. It's okay to make a work outfit pop so because the rest of my outfit was basic black I wore this checked shirt from the kiddies sections at Ackermans (hides) it definitely does not look kiddies section when it's buttoned up to the top and topped off with a statement necklace! Boom! Outfit made. No actually my watch from Foshini is what made my look I always wear a watch because you always need to check the time when you're at work in order to get things done. A black pump to run around in makes the outfit more office friendly. And that's how I brought it!
I've finally gotten rid of the weave, so I had my hair braided in twists and up in a bun, and there you have it, the perfect look for being that girl at the office.
Now for the pics, I honestly wish I had taken more pics at the actual office, but I'm sorry I had work
to do


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