Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Cover Girl

No no, I haven't landed a magazine cover, at least not yet...

Remember that full skirt I told you I was dying about here 

it's finally here. I can't get over its perfect fit, the material and just how edgy it is. The title is inspired by the magazine cover design on the skirt, and here's a little secret, I actually wore my off-the-shoulder dress as top and it worked perfectly!

I wore my favorite my block heel sandals to finish off this ladylike look.

This is one outfit that reminds me that I can really put on the Ritz when I want to.

Skirt: Touch of bling at Fashion Kraal| Top/dress: Factorie| Shoes:Rubi | Bag: gifted (sissy boy)

Thursday, 28 January 2016

When Skies Are Grey

When in doubt  I always go for a monochromatic look and that's exactly what I did 
with this short and simple look.

The only reason I was in doubt is because the weather was not too great on this day, hence the title. 
I secretly wanted to put on sweats and curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee, but I had some errands to run so I had to put on pants and get out of the house.

You will never go wrong with knee rip jeans and lace up flats, I talk about lace up flats all the time as if I have more than one pair, I don't, but I wear these black one's all the time!
The look came up together with this special grey bat wing sweater, it's so comfortable I actually want to own more than one, but I wont because I need to broaden my style.

Here's a pic of my look, notice how the grey sky puts a cool filter on my pics...

Top and Jeans: Mr Price 
Shoes: Cotton On
Bag: Legit

Thank you for reading
Keep the Faith and Stay Blessed

Monday, 25 January 2016

Music Monday - I'm all about that bass!

I am a lover of music, and by now you probably know that I'm into songs that have a lot  of inspirational lyrics, but I'll have you know that I'm also a  huge fan of live music, even without any lyrics , it's just amazing how a band of musicians playing totally different instruments can put together a beautiful piece  of organized noise. So you can sort of say I like the finer details which brings me to my favourite instrument; the bass guitar, you know when  musicians take solos in a song, they mostly steer away from what they were originally playing just to show off how many  keys they play at once or just how quickly they can hit the next cymbal... The bass player just needs to have all the other instruments quiet and he can continue playing the same line he played the whole song and believe you me the crowd will go mad  I don't know why, but the sound of this instrument just goes in deep, okay I think I've said enough now 

Here's something you might find interesting about me. 

I love listening to the bass guitar

I love watching drummers play 

I would really love to play piano 

Today's post is about a song that I think has a really cool bass line. You need to hear the song right up until the last second to to find out what I mean. 

I once made a musician friend of mine listen to this song and he said 

"It sounds so fat" ( that is actually a good term) 

Just google search Beatenberg - Ithaca 

 Here's a picture of one of my favourite bass players caught in action, by yours truly  

Thank you for reading, please do share your favourite songs or thoughts

Keep the faith and stay blessed 


Thursday, 21 January 2016

Just gotta spill it!

I was packing my backpack before heading out to the market when I literally spilled out all its contents on the floor, so when I was putting them back, I realized that I'd never taken a bag spill photo, that's when I slowly rearranged all the contents in my bag and hovered my phones camera over them for this cute picture:

Allow me to share its contents with you, I call them summer essentials because most of these never leave my bag. 
1. Backpack: Polo. It is my favourite of all my backpacks, not just because it was gift from my love, but because it's really edgy, but classy at the same time and it allows for me to carry a lot of things. If your style is mostly casually chic like mine, then you need to get yourself a backpack! It's not just for scholars.

2. Selfie Stick: Cotton On- A summer essential not only because of it's bright colour, but because I'm always out and about in summer and selfies are essential.

 3. Power bank charger: Cotton On; I’m always out and about in summer, always taking selfies, always snap chatting, I do need to get some battery life when my phone dies on me and this sleek pink rectangle has saved me on many occasions, it’s pretty reliable and it comes in other cool colours and designs

4. Charging Cable: Typo; My original charger started wearing a turtle neck (wearing out badly) I didn’t like the sight of it and I knew one day it would just stop working, so I opted for this cool mint thread charger, it’s longer and hopefully durable, I’ve only  had it for about a month.

5.Purse: Mr Price; By now you probably think I’m selfie obsessed, because my statement purse says “suit your selfie” that’s about the only thing I like about the purse, but inside it doesn’t hold much or maybe I’ve just got a lot to carry. It’s just really cute.

6. Body Mist and Hand Lotion: JT One at Woolworths; You know something is your good if you have to buy it for the second time. The body mist is just the right thing for those hot summer days when you are nowhere near a pool, just spray some body mist and you will not regret it. the flowery scent of the hand lotion and the mist will leave your skin smelling delicious and moisturized.

7. Lip Balm: EOS; bought online from hashtagawesome; I will never regret investing in three of these cute, but effective little balls, my lips were very sensitive, so I would hate wearing lipstick because they would peel, so I just used Vaseline and I was fine, after using EOS, which  stands for Evolution of Smooth, my lips have really evolved...I can feel it  and I've also been told *wink*

8. Mirrored Aviators: Sports Scene; I don't think I  have to explain why I have shades in my bag, but hey, I was out in the sun, so I had to switch my glasses, for these trendy blue aviators

9. Mirror: Souvenir from my friends Paris themed birthday dinner. It was not just there for my pink and mint colour theme, I really do take it everywhere because you know, every girl needs a mirror in her bag!

10. Portable Speaker: Factorie; cute but, doesn't bring any boom boom boom, just handy for when i'm listening to music at my desk at work.

There you have it, my clumsiness captured for this post. 

Keep the Faith and stay blessed. 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The little white dresses


One thing I like about dresses is that they make it seem like you've really taken the time to get dressed up

The white dress on the other hand is one cheeky, little ensemble, allowing you to give off a fresh clean look especially for the summer.

Now i know that 2015 had a lot of "all white themed events" going on, but my looks have got nothing to do with attending glamorous events, they are all pretty casual!

The first look is a dress I wore to Suncity, on a day out with colleagues, it was comfortable for the 2 hour ride in a taxi and also perfect for the scorching heat of the city of the sun. I paired it white my favourite black lace up flats with only sunglasses as my accessories of cause  sun city beach life most, i didn't want to lose any of my bangles or neck pieces, this pulled together a pretty cute look

The next look is my off the shoulder dress... ahh my current favourite, perfect for summer, perfect for a day at the market, also paired lace up flats ( not pictured)
This dress has a vintage look and is a lot dressier than the other two, but it sure is easy to wear.

The last look is the sporty button up dress paired with high-top sneakers for a few hours of fooling around on the tennis court while on holiday, its also just right for summer because of the material and length.

Although they are all different designs, there are things the dresses have in common besides the colour, firstly the over the knee length, the loose fit and the chic, but cheeky effect.

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Frame 1 Dress: Mr Price, Shoes: Cotton On
Frame 2 Dress: Factorie, Watch: Lovisa
Frame 3 Dress: Mr Price Sneakers: Converse


Ever looked at the way someone had a glow on their face after hearing a song lyric that they can relate to?
I find joy in watching that, seeing that expression on someone’s face, it's just thrilling.
People listen to all types of music and lyrics can mean something totally different to someone after just one life event.

"When the sound resonates, the music penetrates"

that’s a quote i saw somewhere, I don’t remember by who, but it's just so true, when you can hear the sound of the music filling up a certain space, either through your headphones or the way the music fills up a closed arena at the music concert, that’s around the time when the music penetrates, yes, when the vocals together and instrument arrangement, whether separate or combined 
Hits deep within and fill your soul...
Well that what the music I listen to does to me.

So here I am sharing that type of music

Loyiso Bala - Nothing to lose

If you follow me on Snapchat you would have noticed that I sang this song quite a lot.
if you've kept up with the music Monday post you would have also noticed that i like music that’s uplifting and just brings out the best in me, the 'gives-you-goosebumps' kind of music
This song does just that!
 Loyiso talks about having nothing to lose because he has given his life to Jesus so he knows where he stands; he knows that he is protected by the blood of the lamb
this song speaks to me in so many different ways because I know that being saved was the best thing that i ever did, i chose it on my own, I was not forced into believing in Jesus Christ, so because of that i know what it means to know that I have nothing to worry about now.
Never mind the music that got me wanting to choreograph a dance for the song, I just love the vocals in this song, the arrangements, the harmonies my word! 

Anyways, soon i will try to get links to direct versions of the songs I suggest but for now

I’ll just give you the song name and artist and you can go to your music store of choice and have a listen or download it

Nothing to Lose - Loyiso Bala