Just gotta spill it!

I was packing my backpack before heading out to the market when I literally spilled out all its contents on the floor, so when I was putting them back, I realized that I'd never taken a bag spill photo, that's when I slowly rearranged all the contents in my bag and hovered my phones camera over them for this cute picture:

Allow me to share its contents with you, I call them summer essentials because most of these never leave my bag. 
1. Backpack: Polo. It is my favourite of all my backpacks, not just because it was gift from my love, but because it's really edgy, but classy at the same time and it allows for me to carry a lot of things. If your style is mostly casually chic like mine, then you need to get yourself a backpack! It's not just for scholars.

2. Selfie Stick: Cotton On- A summer essential not only because of it's bright colour, but because I'm always out and about in summer and selfies are essential.

 3. Power bank charger: Cotton On; I’m always out and about in summer, always taking selfies, always snap chatting, I do need to get some battery life when my phone dies on me and this sleek pink rectangle has saved me on many occasions, it’s pretty reliable and it comes in other cool colours and designs

4. Charging Cable: Typo; My original charger started wearing a turtle neck (wearing out badly) I didn’t like the sight of it and I knew one day it would just stop working, so I opted for this cool mint thread charger, it’s longer and hopefully durable, I’ve only  had it for about a month.

5.Purse: Mr Price; By now you probably think I’m selfie obsessed, because my statement purse says “suit your selfie” that’s about the only thing I like about the purse, but inside it doesn’t hold much or maybe I’ve just got a lot to carry. It’s just really cute.

6. Body Mist and Hand Lotion: JT One at Woolworths; You know something is your good if you have to buy it for the second time. The body mist is just the right thing for those hot summer days when you are nowhere near a pool, just spray some body mist and you will not regret it. the flowery scent of the hand lotion and the mist will leave your skin smelling delicious and moisturized.

7. Lip Balm: EOS; bought online from hashtagawesome; I will never regret investing in three of these cute, but effective little balls, my lips were very sensitive, so I would hate wearing lipstick because they would peel, so I just used Vaseline and I was fine, after using EOS, which  stands for Evolution of Smooth, my lips have really evolved...I can feel it  and I've also been told *wink*

8. Mirrored Aviators: Sports Scene; I don't think I  have to explain why I have shades in my bag, but hey, I was out in the sun, so I had to switch my glasses, for these trendy blue aviators

9. Mirror: Souvenir from my friends Paris themed birthday dinner. It was not just there for my pink and mint colour theme, I really do take it everywhere because you know, every girl needs a mirror in her bag!

10. Portable Speaker: Factorie; cute but, doesn't bring any boom boom boom, just handy for when i'm listening to music at my desk at work.

There you have it, my clumsiness captured for this post. 

Keep the Faith and stay blessed. 


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