Music Monday - I'm all about that bass!

I am a lover of music, and by now you probably know that I'm into songs that have a lot  of inspirational lyrics, but I'll have you know that I'm also a  huge fan of live music, even without any lyrics , it's just amazing how a band of musicians playing totally different instruments can put together a beautiful piece  of organized noise. So you can sort of say I like the finer details which brings me to my favourite instrument; the bass guitar, you know when  musicians take solos in a song, they mostly steer away from what they were originally playing just to show off how many  keys they play at once or just how quickly they can hit the next cymbal... The bass player just needs to have all the other instruments quiet and he can continue playing the same line he played the whole song and believe you me the crowd will go mad  I don't know why, but the sound of this instrument just goes in deep, okay I think I've said enough now 

Here's something you might find interesting about me. 

I love listening to the bass guitar

I love watching drummers play 

I would really love to play piano 

Today's post is about a song that I think has a really cool bass line. You need to hear the song right up until the last second to to find out what I mean. 

I once made a musician friend of mine listen to this song and he said 

"It sounds so fat" ( that is actually a good term) 

Just google search Beatenberg - Ithaca 

 Here's a picture of one of my favourite bass players caught in action, by yours truly  

Thank you for reading, please do share your favourite songs or thoughts

Keep the faith and stay blessed 



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