Ever looked at the way someone had a glow on their face after hearing a song lyric that they can relate to?
I find joy in watching that, seeing that expression on someone’s face, it's just thrilling.
People listen to all types of music and lyrics can mean something totally different to someone after just one life event.

"When the sound resonates, the music penetrates"

that’s a quote i saw somewhere, I don’t remember by who, but it's just so true, when you can hear the sound of the music filling up a certain space, either through your headphones or the way the music fills up a closed arena at the music concert, that’s around the time when the music penetrates, yes, when the vocals together and instrument arrangement, whether separate or combined 
Hits deep within and fill your soul...
Well that what the music I listen to does to me.

So here I am sharing that type of music

Loyiso Bala - Nothing to lose

If you follow me on Snapchat you would have noticed that I sang this song quite a lot.
if you've kept up with the music Monday post you would have also noticed that i like music that’s uplifting and just brings out the best in me, the 'gives-you-goosebumps' kind of music
This song does just that!
 Loyiso talks about having nothing to lose because he has given his life to Jesus so he knows where he stands; he knows that he is protected by the blood of the lamb
this song speaks to me in so many different ways because I know that being saved was the best thing that i ever did, i chose it on my own, I was not forced into believing in Jesus Christ, so because of that i know what it means to know that I have nothing to worry about now.
Never mind the music that got me wanting to choreograph a dance for the song, I just love the vocals in this song, the arrangements, the harmonies my word! 

Anyways, soon i will try to get links to direct versions of the songs I suggest but for now

I’ll just give you the song name and artist and you can go to your music store of choice and have a listen or download it

Nothing to Lose - Loyiso Bala


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