The little white dresses


One thing I like about dresses is that they make it seem like you've really taken the time to get dressed up

The white dress on the other hand is one cheeky, little ensemble, allowing you to give off a fresh clean look especially for the summer.

Now i know that 2015 had a lot of "all white themed events" going on, but my looks have got nothing to do with attending glamorous events, they are all pretty casual!

The first look is a dress I wore to Suncity, on a day out with colleagues, it was comfortable for the 2 hour ride in a taxi and also perfect for the scorching heat of the city of the sun. I paired it white my favourite black lace up flats with only sunglasses as my accessories of cause  sun city beach life most, i didn't want to lose any of my bangles or neck pieces, this pulled together a pretty cute look

The next look is my off the shoulder dress... ahh my current favourite, perfect for summer, perfect for a day at the market, also paired lace up flats ( not pictured)
This dress has a vintage look and is a lot dressier than the other two, but it sure is easy to wear.

The last look is the sporty button up dress paired with high-top sneakers for a few hours of fooling around on the tennis court while on holiday, its also just right for summer because of the material and length.

Although they are all different designs, there are things the dresses have in common besides the colour, firstly the over the knee length, the loose fit and the chic, but cheeky effect.

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Frame 1 Dress: Mr Price, Shoes: Cotton On
Frame 2 Dress: Factorie, Watch: Lovisa
Frame 3 Dress: Mr Price Sneakers: Converse


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