On Wednesdays we wear pink!

...and black
Black on black with a pop of pink!
one of my favorite combos, you can basically glamour up an all black outfit with this combo.
You can either go for a pink lip or pink bag or pink shoes...it just works
You could even do this this with a print, my favourite being  leopard print, and just last week  I did a pop of aztec print here

Now I know it's pretty basic because, but trust me, it looks good.
Try not to over accessorize your outfit especially for work, because you'll end up looking like a melting ice cream cone with colourful sprinkles everywhere.
For this look II didn't add a neck pice because I wanted to keep it simple, the shirt is cut low, a choker necklace inside would have have been perfect, but for a night out, not for the office.

You've probably noticed that I like pointed toe shoes, this is because they're the most corporate looking, the rounded ones also look corporate, but they tend to be uncomfortable, I always stay away from platformed shoes because I'm tall enough already.
These pink babies, are also quite comfortable and they look sharp, I just a pink lip and let my braids down to create a sleek look, I just loved it.
Pants: JayJays | Shirt: Trueworths | Shoes: Dineo Ranaka X Legit | Bag: Legit

Thank you for reading! 


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